Sanitary product specialist Geberit is set to provide an exclusive preview of its new and updated care toilet at the Occupational Therapy Show next week.

Dubbed by the company as the ultimate solution to independence in the bathroom, the adaptable Geberit AquaClean Mera Care features a number of unique and technologically advanced solutions to aid well-being and enhance quality of life.

In an industry first, Geberit’s care toilet features Whirlspray shower technology which includes instant warm water and a full one-minute wash to help users feel fresh and clean.  The technology features two nozzles and ensures an extremely targeted and thorough clean for clients, made possible by a pulsating shower spray that is enhanced by dynamic aeration.

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The model also includes a warm air dryer, which automatically aligns itself with the last position of the spray arm to ensure an optimal drying performance. Significantly, the intelligent dryer functionality responds to the change in the skin’s sensitivity to heat as it dries.

Additional features include Bluetooth Technology, hands-free control and a smart remote control to assist with personal preference settings and home maintenance.

Simon Thomas, AquaClean Care Sales Manager at Geberit, said: “By understanding OT’s and end-user requirements Geberit has used its passion for design and technology to revolutionise and reimage the care toilet.

“Part of our award-winning AquaClean range, this new product is not only beautiful to look at, it also makes life easier and more comfortable thanks to its outstanding functionality.”

With a maximum weight limit of 30 stone, the forward-thinking design aims to put the user in control with a Bluetooth remote and a wall-mounted control panel for operating the shower toilet.  With the option to set up four individual profiles, each user can quickly access their own personal water temperature, spray intensity and spray arm position settings.

Geberit’s patented and innovative TurboFlush technology enables the toilet to be flushed out efficiently with a partial flush. According to Geberit, this unique technology is not only much more effective than conventional flushes, it is also considerably quieter and more economical.

Another advantage of this thorough flushing out is that the amount of cleaning required is significantly reduced.

Hygiene is further enhanced by the Rimfree open flush pan design. Due to its efficient water guide, the entire inner surface of the ceramic pan is rinsed clean making it significantly easier to care for than conventional models.

The rimless design also means there are no hidden sections where deposits can form and build up. With removable spray nozzle facilities and an automatic descaling programme, ongoing care maintenance can also be easily carried out without the need for a call-out service technician.

To mark the preview, Geberit will launch a new white paper at the OT Show called ‘Shining the Spotlight on Accessible Bathrooms’ for healthcare professionals. The paper will highlight the challenges to independent living and, crucially, demonstrate the vital role of the bathroom in helping people remain in their own home.

The Geberit AquaClean Mera Care will be available from April 2019 and will replace Geberit’s AquaClean 8000plus Care.

Geberit can be visited on stand D41 at the Occupational Therapy Show, which runs on the 21st-22nd of November at the NEC in Birmingham.

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