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CECOPS Code of Practice for Disability Equipment, Wheelchair and Seating Services is a quality standard created for in-house and contracted-out Wheelchair industry, where existing standards fall short in many key areas.

AJM Healthcare is the first company to attain CECOPS accreditation for its North West London Wheelchair Service covering a population of two million. CECOPS certificates were issued to AJM for each of the six NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) that make up the service.

Gaining CECOPS Accreditation also evidences our compliance with the aims of the Wheelchair Charter that CCGs are expected to work to.

AJM’s Managing Director, Mark Perress, commented “Working with our NHS CCG partners, our flagship Wheelchair Service benefits from the CECOPS standards applied to Commissioning and Governance, Service Provision, Clinical and Professional Responsibilities, and Specialist Areas.  Led by our Quality Manager Mike Radlett, our clinical, admin and logistics staff have worked hard over the last year to implement the Codes of Practice to deliver a fully integrated service, with joined-up working practices and a service user-centric operation.”

Our Service Users have been with us all the way through; we have consulted them on topics that affect them and we continue to enjoy working with them.  They have a wonderful influence over the team as we have persevered together with our goal of the most service user-centric wheelchair service in the country.

AJM Healthcare has been providing wheelchair services to the NHS for over 30 years, with ISO9001 in place for over two decades and we have recent success in the transition to the new standard ISO9001:2015.  Mike Radlett explains, the difference “the CECOPS code of practice is much more prescriptive than other standards.  It is very thorough, and details all the areas such as; eligibility, funding options, clinical assessments, specialist and children’s equipment, hospital discharge and most importantly, the involvement of Service Users and Carers.”

For NHS and Social Care Commissioners, the accreditation adds a huge amount of confidence, notwithstanding the code’s references to Commissioner-side functions such as service specifications, service funding, contractual arrangements and governance obligations; a supplier holding accreditation, will be easier to manage, easier to audit, and essentially the parties will be talking the exactly same language in all areas of service provision.

Sir Bert Massie CBE, CECOPS Chairman, said, “As a wheelchair user myself and having experienced many difficulties over the years, it is very encouraging to have our first wheelchair service contract, run by AJM Healthcare, gain the CECOPS Accreditation status. Ultimately, this is great news for the people using the services. Well done!”

In an environment with pressure on funding and increasing demand, CECOPS accreditation is quickly becoming the de-facto must-have requirement to guarantee clinical quality and safe solutions for wheelchair Commissioners.  For service users and carers it signals quality, safety and fairness.

For more information please contact:

Neil Lockhart, AJM Healthcare, neil.lockhart@ajmhealthcare.org, 07901 658572


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