Care equipment supplier, Alpine HC, has launched a new range of electric riser recliner chairs for care homes and care at home.

The company says that, in contrast to many conventional mobility chairs, these riser recliners have real style with the range boasting contemporary designs, upholstery colour and material options and a selection of motor and control configurations.

The new riser recliner chairs offer elderly and/or disabled patients a genuine alternative to other mobility chairs on the market. There are 5 elegant designs to choose from, some are modern and fashionable whilst others are more traditionally styled but nonetheless contemporary and up to date.

The chairs incorporate several mobility-enhancing features such as winged backrests, lumbar support and high rise/tilt but do not sacrifice the visual appeal of the chair. Comfort is also a huge benefit of these chairs, with generous padding, supportively shaped frames and wall hugging features.

Single motor or dual motor?

Most riser recliners can be purchased a single motor chair or a dual motor chair. Single motor means that all functions are controlled together through one motor and a single set of control buttons. Dual motor chairs allow users to raise and lower the backrest and footrest of the chair independently of each other through 2 sets of buttons. Also, dual motor chairs tend to recline further.

Upholstery options

The design-conscious chairs are made even more attractive by a good selection of upholstery options. Buyers can choose between leatherette and fabric material options. Both materials are care grade and suitable for high-use contract environments. There is also a choice of 10 different colours from natural shades such as pebble grey to more colourful tones such as teal blue.

View Alpine HC’s new riser recliners HERE

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