The latest exciting paediatric products to enter the market. (From July, 2018)

State-of-the-art system aims to revolutionise positioning

Described as perfect for carers who may find physically moving a person more challenging, the new Anatomical Positioning System (APS) system from Simple Stuff Works brings users positioning at the touch of a button using Comfier technology.

The state-of-the-art positioning system places inflatables around an individual linked to a pump system, which are then inflated or deflated around the person depending on the position the carer is trying to achieve.

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Combined with a specific pressure relieving mattress topper, the APS completely takes care of pressure care and postural care issues according to the company, making it one of the most cost-effective products on the market.

Due to the ease of positioning an individual using the system, the APS reduces the need for multiple carers and also mitigates moving and handling risks as the inflatables do all of the work.

Forever blowing bubbles…

Aimed at helping young children with disabilities that find smaller switches and buttons difficult to use, MERU now offers a range of bubble machines adapted for use with large accessible switches or buttons.

Teaching the cause and effect of ‘if I do this, then this happens’, an important stage of development, the devices provide children with the opportunity to interact with their environment by producing a cloud of beautiful bubbles.

The bubble machines cost from £13.

Adaptable seating solution grows with child

The Tarta Kid is an innovative seating solution designed to correct and maintain postural alignment for children aged between eight months and three years old.

Using a combination of design, materials and technology, the system is devised to be adaptable to each individual child during their growth and physical development whilst at the same time, minimising physical effort and discomfort and maximising efficiency.

Several base options make the Kid seat unit a flexible supportive seating solution perfect for a range of situations; from highchair to pushchair or dinner table.

Lightweight powerchair to keep kids’ spirits high

Described as lightweight and versatile, the Esprit Action 4NG Junior from Invacare aims to provide youngsters with excellent performance whilst boasting a narrow, +17cm seat width.

According to the company, the Espirit Junior delivers a powerchair that is as comfortable outdoors as it is in tight indoor environments.

In particular, the ability to strip the chair down for transport sets it apart in the market says Invacare, with the heaviest component weighing 15kg.

Additionally, the Espirit Junior provides users with the option to remove the e-fix drive wheels and replace them with self-propel wheels, allowing children to remain as active as possible and charge around under their own steam.

Available in a range of seat sizes from 12-inch to 15-inch, the chair comes available in all the Action range colours or a unique RAL colour and has recently been successfully crash tested, allowing it to be used as a seat during transportation.

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