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Following its success in Japan, WHILL Model C is a new personal electric vehicle which aims to change the UK electronic intelligent personal mobility market and transform the boundaries of outdated wheelchair and scooter experiences.

According to the company, the WHILL C model has been designed to boost users’ confidence and empower them to explore the world in comfort and style; freedom of movement without the assistance of another was also a key factor for the design team.

WHILL Founder and CEO, Satoshi Suigie said: “At the very heart of our design is the desire to create a product which eliminates the adverse psychological impact that affects people who use mobility devices.

“We have drawn on our design and engineering backgrounds to create the WHILL Model C, a next generation personal electric vehicle which not only provides freedom of mobility, but freedom from the self-consciousness often associated with a wheelchair or scooter.

“It’s our intention to redefine the concept of personal mobility for people who use a wheelchair because of a disability or reduced mobility. We have created the WHILL Model C for those who are active, social and crave adventure.”

WHILL Model C image

WHILL has been recognised for its innovation with a series of awards including the CES 2018 ‘Best of Innovation’ Award in Accessibility Tech and was an Engadget ‘Best of CES 2018’ finalist. It was also crowned winner of world-renowned design prize, “Best of the Best” Red Dot Award 2018 in the Healthcare category and 2018 iF DESIGN AWARD.

Featuring patented front omni-wheels, the WHILL C provides a much tighter turning radius enabling users to access tight spaces. Advanced driving features include a joystick for precise manoeuvrability inside and two powerful motors to ease through busy and uneven terrains.

There is also a smartphone app available which allows users to control the powerchair. The app allows individuals to select one of three driving modes – sport, slow and normal as well as connect with on-board technology so real-time data can be viewed regarding battery level, driving range and performance.

Available in six colourways: white, grey, black, red, gold and navy blue, the mobility device has a total range of 9 miles with a top speed of 4mph. In addition, the WHILL Model C can be easily transported and stored in a boot as it can be dismantled into three lightweight parts, plus the battery.

Established in 2012, WHILL’s mission is to transform today’s antiquated power wheelchair and scooter experiences into a new kind of empowering device, an intelligent personal electric vehicle (EV).

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