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Podfo Ltd has launched a new product called Podfo, a bespoke, biometric insole designed to fit closely to the foot and which aims to provide performance, comfort and style.

The company recently conducted independent research to find out about users’ experiences with their current insoles/orthtotics. Surveying 685 people between the ages of 35 and 65, Podfo asked the following question: “Is there anything you don’t like about the insoles/orthotics you currently wear?”

Nearly three-quarters of the respondents were unhappy with their current solutions. 47 people remarked that their insole or orthotic was uncomfortable to wear while roughly one in 6 people found that they wore out quickly.

Additionally, 88 people said that their insoles/orthotics were difficult to keep fresh and 59 people felt that their solutions were hard to keep clean.

One of the more common problems found in the research was that orthotics/insoles were too bulky for the user’s shoe, with 72 respondents. 25 people also said that their solutions did not support natural movement during physical activity.

Building on this research, the Podfo insole addresses these issues, described as light, slim and highly durable, with the capability to withstand the equivalent of 25 consecutive marathons without any deterioration.

The company also created a product which it says is both hygienic and breathable, without losing shape or form when it is washed.

Providing clinicians with a highly adaptive bespoke biometric insole solution, Podfo can be fitted to the users’ plantar surface to ensure that it meets the prescriptive needs of their clients.

Podfo was formed from the orthotics division of North East based Peacocks Medical Group, which has been supplying medical equipment and services for over 100 years.

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