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National charity Versus Arthritis has launched a new app to make healthcare appointments easier for young people called the ‘Arthritis Tracker for Teens’.

The app was developed in coordination with young people with arthritis and helps people to track their condition, how they’re feeling, and find information, advice, and local support.

Arthritis Tracker for Teens enables people to monitor their daily symptoms, including pain and energy levels, and the app then creates a simple summary showing how many good or bad days the person has had recently.

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According to the charity, it is difficult for people to remember all the details about their condition or sum up their side effects and symptoms in a few sentences. Therefore, the new app is designed to help young people monitor their condition to then relay it to their healthcare professional during an appointment.

Arthritis Tracker for Teens image

The helpful tool also provides quick summaries about the person’s arthritis and gives them hints on what to tell the healthcare professional during their appointment. Additionally, the app encourages positive habits to help improve their condition such as staying active.

Alongside the monitoring aspect of the app, people can get information and advice about living with arthritis and discover information about events happening in the UK for young people with arthritis. Users can also connect with other young people by browsing social media groups.

Now, Versus Arthritis is looking for feedback about the app to flag any issues or to hear about how the tool could be improved. The charity is looking to gather insights from young people with arthritis, their parents, and healthcare professionals who work with young people with arthritis.

For people wanting to offer feedback, this can be done by clicking on the ‘feedback’ button in the app or by emailing

Arthritis Tracker for Teens is available for download from the Apple Store (for iPhone users) and Google Play Store (for Android Users).

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