Adjustable bed specialist Comfomatic, which is based in Widnes, Cheshire, has hit the £100,000 fundraising mark for Macmillan Cancer Support.

The Comfomatic team marked this landmark by inviting Macmillan’s Corporate Fundraising Manager, Megan Kong, to join them at a celebration in their call centre.

The money raised will help Macmillan provide much needed support to people with cancer and their families.

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Two years ago, the directors of Comfomatic took the decision to start donating to charity.

Mike McNicholas from Comfomatic explained: “One of the directors had recently retired from her job as a District Nursing Sister, she had worked closely with the Macmillan nursing team supporting people with cancer. So, we had first hand knowledge of the tremendous work they do not only supporting their patients, but also supporting the healthcare professionals delivering frontline care to those patients.

“As we all know people touched by cancer, it just made sense, that we did what we could to help Macmillan.”

Macmillan Cancer Support provides practical, emotional and financial support to people affected by cancer every year. This is in line with Comfomatic’s business mission to positively impact people’s lives every day.

The team at Comfomatic have said that they are delighted that the money raised for Macmillan will allow their nurses to positively impact peoples lives at a time when those people need it most.

Comfomatic promises more of the same, concluding: “Our efforts will not stop at £100,000 and we are now firmly setting our sites on the huge landmark target of £250,000!”

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