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Driving Mobility, a charity that accredits a network of driving assessment centres, has relaunched its website to provide comprehensive guidance on all aspects of adapted driving, accessible travel and personal mobility.

Supported by the Department for Transport, Driving Mobility is the umbrella organisation that coordinates 20 independent driving assessment centres across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. With over 70 outreach facilities, centres are individually managed by separate charities and NHS departments – all providing clinical ‘fitness-to-drive’ assessments commonly for people who have experienced a life-changing diagnosis.

Clients can also benefit from a range of other services and either self-refer or are signposted from the DVLA, Motabilty, police and NHS.

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In addition to clinical recommendations regarding driving with a disability, professional advice is available on wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs), mobility equipment, using public transport and accessible lifestyles. Healthcare professionals are also supported with CPD training and events.

Driving Mobility boasts the UK’s largest knowledge base in terms of accessible driving. Its team of occupational therapists (OTs), approved driving instructors (ADIs), management staff and trustees, bring together vast experience in assisted driving and accessible travel.

This wealth of expertise ensures the new Driving Mobility website is a vital gateway to accessibility for all.

Edward Trewhella, Driving Mobility CEO, explains: “When you or a client experiences a change in mobility, there is always a need for qualified advice so informed decisions can be made to remain independent. There is a raft of information on the internet however identifying solutions to individual needs can be impossible.

“This is why our new website has been significantly strengthened and redesigned with extra content – to facilitate easier access to many answers regarding driving with a disability. Add to this, solutions for living without a car, condition specific suggestions and HUBs information, the new Driving Mobility website represents an invaluable tool for all consumers and professionals seeking qualified guidance on personal independence.

“With the need for safe, accessible and independent travel heightened by Covid-19, demand for Driving Mobility services will be higher than ever as lockdown restrictions are eased. We now have a robust, future-proofed website capable of delivering the support required.”

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