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Using feedback from users, manufacturers, and healthcare professionals, wheelAIR has made changes to its cooling backrest system to have a more significant impact against the issues of overheating and over sweating that wheelchair users face.

wheelAIR integrates into wheelchair seating systems and gently blows the air onto the user’s back, lowering the relative humidity to accelerate the sweating process and keep clothing dry, and reduces back – and body – temperature.

According to the company, wheelAIR V2 is about giving the user more choice with more fan speeds, a choice of seating system, a new wireless remote, and 24-hour battery life. The new system also offers integrations for powerchairs, custom-molded seating, rigid backs, and sling back wheelchairs.

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Since its inception in 2016, wheelAIR was the first temperature control system designed specifically for wheelchairs. The innovative cooling technology has been a refreshing and effective solution for wheelchair users struggling with overheating and over sweating.

wheelAIR has been on a mission to address the challenges of overheating and over sweating for wheelchair users since the founder, Corien Staels, first became aware of the temperature regulation and microclimate management problems experienced by wheelchair users whilst writing her undergraduate dissertation. She discovered that individuals with a spinal cord injury had to cool themselves in dramatic and unforgiving ways – such as having to strap ice packs to their bodies or spray themselves with water hoses post-exercise.

Since then, it became apparent to Corien that overheating was not a problem just for those with a spinal cord injury, but for the majority of those in wheelchairs. Corien felt it was “ridiculous” that temperature management was considered a luxury, even though the technology was available.

Corien said: “Our original WheelAir was a game-changer and had a positive impact on the lives of many users. This new generation of WheelAir was developed from the feedback we have received from healthcare professionals and WheelAir users.

“The team wanted to give the user even more cooling options, more control, and more flexibility to use WheelAir. We are incredibly excited to be launching this new generation WheelAir.”

The reveal of the next generation cooling backrest cushion was unveiled by wheelAIR on the opening day of care and rehabilitation trade fair REHACARE in Dusseldorf.

WheelAIR V2 is available for pre-order on the website and will ship on the 1st of November 2019.

To check out the new features and system options, visit WheelAIR’s new website here

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