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Nottinghamshire County Council is rolling out a new initiative to increase awareness and improve the lives of residents with dementia, which encourages the use of assistive technology and equipment.

The council’s refreshed Dementia Action Plan also aims to provide more tailored support to meet the needs of carers. This builds on news of carers not receiving enough support or feeling stressed and depressed in recent headlines.

In June, NHS Digital revealed statistics that of the 50,800 carers who took part in the survey, more than 60 percent reported feeling stressed in 2018-19.

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Alongside providing greater support to carers, the council will also offer training and encourage the take-up of assistive technology amongst residents to increase their independence and ease pressure off carers.

The Dementia Action Plan will also promote healthy lifestyle choices that help people live well with dementia or delay the onset of the condition.

In addition, Nottinghamshire County Council will ask dementia patients what works well and what changes they would like to see, as well as deliver quality standards and best practice in services used by people with dementia.

Councillor Tony Harper, Chair of Adult Social Care and Public Health Committee, said: “This new action plan demonstrates our commitment as a Council to supporting local people to live well with dementia and our role in encouraging partners and businesses to become more dementia friendly.

“We also need the public to do their bit. Being active, eating healthily and exercising the mind can all help to reduce the risk of dementia. There are almost 8000 over 65s with a dementia diagnosis in Nottinghamshire, so people can make a real difference by signing up to become a Dementia Friend.”

Although the revised Dementia Action Plan looks to enhance the lives of people with dementia, the council already provides helpful equipment and housing adaptations to locals with dementia, including grab rails, tap turners, bed levers, shower seats, and bath and shower boards.

Nottinghamshire County Council also offers a ‘meals at home’ service to dementia residents to help them live as independently as possible.

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