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To help vulnerable people stay connected and independent during the COVID-19 pandemic, AdaptEco has developed a Digital Care Partnership to provide end-to-end digital care solutions designed for an individual’s specific requirements.

Two years in the making, the Digital Care Partnership is a collaboration between the “world’s most pioneering” digital technology companies and forms a unique ‘EcoSystem’. This EcoSystem provides smart housing solutions to meet an individual’s specific needs.

AdaptEco says smart assisted living is more important than ever with the UK’s ageing population. According to Age UK, the over-85s age group is the fastest growing group, which is forecasted to double by 2041 and treble by 2066, equating to 50.1 million people.

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Poor quality, un-adapted housing can cause reduced mobility, depression, chronic and acute illness, falls, social isolation, loneliness and depression, with an estimated cost to the NHS of £1.4bn per annum.

The impact of the coronavirus has exacerbated the pressures on adapted housing and the requirement for designs to ensure the most vulnerable can stay connected and live safely and independently in their own home for as long as possible, says AdaptEco.

To help elderly and disabled people stay independent and connected in their own homes, AdaptEco hopes its EcoSystem smart assisted living service will help future-proof homes and facilitate independent living.

Christian Geisselmann, Founder and CEO of AdaptEco, said: “The service we provide is completely unique. We create bespoke solutions utilising the relevant EcoSystem partners, offering scalable care solutions for independent living and future-proofed homes.

“We combine this with our expert consultancy, which helps our clients to make their greatest ideas achievable, overcoming any shortcomings experienced with existing digital care services. We include diagnostic, desktop reviews, digital care strategy, business cases, project and programme management, proof of concept and commissioning.”

Partners are carefully selected for their “pioneering” technology as well as their culture, values and passion for the EcoSystem.

With over 10 partners in the EcoSystem, services currently include, but are not limited to, Skyresponse (alarm and event handling software), Cubigo (integrated platform for senior living) and My Sense (health analytical platform using fixed and wearable sensors).

Another unique feature of the EcoSystem is all of the systems are interoperable, providing seamlessly integrated solutions.

Christian continued: “With more and more housing developers opting for Smart Assisted Living, early strategic discussions regarding technology-enabled care are essential to ensure smart home systems are supported.

“Whether implementing as part of a new build or retrofitting into existing properties, we fully project manage the design and installation. From existing diagnostics to new digital care and support models, we consult on and source the right products and services to best meet specific requirements.”

Through a collaborative approach, the EcoSystem compiles valuable user data that can be used to drive further research and product development, enabling constant refinement of technologies and giving greater benefits to care providers and users.

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