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Samanta Bullock wheelAIR imageModel, athlete and influencer Samanta Bullock has joined WheelAIR as the company’s second brand ambassador to spread awareness of disability, accessibility and keeping disability products fashionable.

Originally from Brazil, Samanta is a former Paralympic tennis player, a successful model and style icon, as well as a key representative for many disability inclusion groups.

Utilising the cooling cushion this year to battle the UK’s summer heat, Samanta commented on how impressed she was with the device once she began using it.

“I have used the wheelAIR so much more than I thought I would since receiving it,” she explained.

“It has helped me stay cool in a meeting where the air con was broken, during an insanity gym class and also during a photoshoot!

“It is really going to change the game for wheelchair users.”

The innovative backrest cushion uses inbuilt fan technology to cool the user’s back and core by taking away excess heat and moisture, as well as providing support.

Discussing the decision to represent the company, Samanta added: “When talking to Corien, it was clear that the wheelAIR brand is really in line with my own ethics on sustainability, which sealed the deal for me deciding to represent them.”

Corien Staels, Founder and Managing Director of wheelAIR, said that she designed the cushion to be stylish, sustainable and functional.

Samanta Bullock and Corien Staels image
Samanta Bullock and Corien Staels

“Samanta is a style icon not just for the disabled community, but for our community as a whole,” emphasised Corien.

“The fact that she wants to represent us is a huge vote of confidence in the appearance of the design, which I am ecstatic about!

“I believe that there is no reason why disability products shouldn’t look good as well as solve a problem. That’s why when designing our backrest, I have never compromised on the appearance.”

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