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Highlighting some of the ways assistive technology can help people stay independent for longer, Doncaster Council has launched a new campaign promoting the benefits of assistive technology for increased wellbeing.

The campaign is aimed at local residents, and their relatives, and informs them of some the ways in which assistive technology can help with independent living, such as automatic pill dispensers so people with dementia will be reminded to take their medicine at the correct time.

According to the council, people live happier and more fulfilling lives if they can stay in their own homes, which enables them to keep their social networks for as long as possible. Assistive technology, says Doncaster Council, plays a significant role in contributing to independent living at home, whether it’s an app to help with anxiety or GPS trackers so people stay safe.

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As part of the campaign, Doncaster Council has released three short animations which highlight the different ways in which people use technology in their day-to-day life to stay independent for longer.

The animation features an elderly couple who have made use of an app to help manage diabetes as well as an automatic pill dispenser.

It also shows how an elderly lady with memory issues enjoys going out and about but that her niece is worried she might wander and get lost. The niece is now using a GPS tracker so she knows where her auntie is if she gets lost, providing added reassurance and peace of mind for both of them.

You can see the videos below:

The animations promote the use of Doncaster Council’s website – Your Life Doncaster:

Your Life Doncaster is an online resource that showcases a range of tools and equipment that can help people remain independent for longer.

The website features an online questionnaire for people to learn which aids might be right for them, a handy equipment house to help users discover different equipment based on the room in which they want to use it, and NRS Healthcare’s website where people can purchase equipment directly.

The council is encouraging residents to buy the gadgets for themselves as well as their carers or relatives to look into how assistive technology may benefit the people they care for.

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