The ExtraCare Charitable Trust has recently invested in some Raizer emergency lifting chairs to help residents get back on their feet across 21 retirement villages.

The charity hopes that this will help reduce the number of ambulance call-outs its staff have to make for people who have fallen and cannot get back up. Falls are one of the costliest problems facing the healthcare sector and it is estimated that falls cost the NHS about £2.3 billion annually.

Supplied by Yorkshire Care Equipment, the Raizer is assembled around a fallen person by a single operator.

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Carers can then begin lifting the person back to a seated or standing position at the touch of a button, allowing them to keep eye contact and maintain conversation with the person and make sure they are okay.

Yorkshire Care’s Raizer specialist, Steve Ellis, said: “The Raizer is the perfect solution for ExtraCare and its retirement villages. I held some training at the Lark Hill Retirement Village a few months ago and the staff were saying that their residents were sometimes waiting up to six or seven hours for paramedics to come help them get up.

“With their 20 new Raizers, the ExtraCare staff will be able to avoid these sorts of call-outs and will help to provide their residents with the best quality of life and care possible.”

As the exclusive Raizer dealer from Scotland to Birmingham, Yorkshire Care Equipment describes itself as “the go-to expert” for the innovative and time-saving device.

One member of the ExtraCare team, who preferred to stay anonymous, said: “I have to say, everyone is very impressed with the Raizer and are looking forward to being able to assist residents where this is possible in the future rather than having to call the emergency services.”

By using the Raizer, staff at various ExtraCare retirement villages from Bristol to Liverpool will be able to get people back on their feet in a safe and dignified way that will prevent any unnecessary 999 calls.

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