Etac R82 x:panda Evolution image

Helping disabled children with a range of conditions, Etac R82 will be unveiling its latest paediatric seating system, the x:panda Evolution, at Kidz to Adultz North in November.

The x:panda helps children, with a range of conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, to maintain neutral pelvic positioning during involuntary extension and offers contoured support to the spine.

Through a range of adjustable features, the x:panda facilitates greater comfort and stability as well as allows movement for active play and motor skill development. Each of the four sizes have the flexibility to adapt to changing postural requirements as children grow and develop, offering a future-proofed, clinically effective solution.

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According to Etac R82, its new features have a positive impact on muscle tone and movement, such as improved armrests, fixed wedges, visual measurement markings, cushions and covers. These additional elements complement original features such as the dynamic backrest, recline, full adjustability and accessory range.

Acting as an assured base the x:panda can be easily adjusted to improve pelvic, thigh and feet stability which in turn increases trunk, shoulder and head balance. As with the original design, the Evolution can be mounted onto a range of manoeuvrable and adjustable R82 frames.

Jon Preater, Managing Director of Etac R82, commented: “The new x:panda Evolution represents a significant innovation in assistive seating for children. Its clinical and ergonomic excellence is combined with world-class design, aesthetics and practically – all focused on improving daily living, development and enjoyment.”

Alongside the latest x:panda, Etac R82 will be showcasing a broad selection from its standing, walking and seating ranges, including its physio-focused R82 Meerkat and Gazelle standers, Crocodile and Mustang walkers, Scallop and Wombat Live seating systems, Convaid and R82 Stingray buggies and the Kudu wheelchair.

Etac R82 can be visited on Stand A17 at Kidz North, which takes place from 9.30am-4.30pm on Thursday the 8th of November at EventCity in Manchester.

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