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Care beds and mattress specialist Opera has recently launched an exclusive range of rotating chair beds that encourage independence and enhance quality of life.

Expanding its specialist bed portfolio, the new Rotobed line from Opera combines advanced clinical functionality with stylish design. The beds aim to give clients a greater feeling of wellbeing and dignity through the possibility of getting in and out of bed without assistance.

Additionally, the beds allow for improved efficiency for carers and give assurance to family members that their loved one is well supported.

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A spokesperson for Opera Beds commented: “The benefits of the Rotobed go way beyond those from a traditional chair bed, and is highly praised by users themselves, caregivers and occupational therapists who have shared their experiences.

“Getting in and out of bed without assistance and changing position independently can have a huge positive impact on wellbeing and dignity. It also allows for improved efficiency for carers and gives assurance to family members that their loved one is well supported.”

The rotating chair bed design was influenced by award-winning Danish furniture designer Hans Sadgren Jakobsen and, according to Opera, is “easily one of the most advanced and feature-rich rotating chair beds in the world”.

Furthermore, Opera says its sophisticated engineering allows the electrical adjustable bed to be transformed from a lying position to an upright chair, whilst fully supporting the user in a smooth and comfortable motion.

The bed can also be specified at a fixed height or with electric height adjustment to ease access and facilitate nursing.

Lisbeth Buhl, Occupational Therapist at the Handicap Institute in Aabenraa, conducted a test of the rotating beds and found that they postponed the need for home care services.

Clients can personalise their chair bed with fabric, colour, handset and accessory options, including wireless control and under-bed lighting.

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