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Active children with a disability have an urge to be on the move, and this presents a tremendous challenge to medical technology. Ottobock has responded by developing the 3R67 prosthetic knee joint, the first everyday prosthesis with hydraulic swing phase control specifically designed for young amputees.

The cutting-edge technology built into the new 3R67 prosthetic knee joint, meets the everyday demands of children aged six to twelve years including playtime activities that involve different walking and running speeds, intuitive kneeling with a flexion angle of up to 150°, and frequent changes of pace whilst riding a bike or scooter.

Thanks to the integrated hydraulics, the prosthetic knee joint functions smoothly in the swing phase. The polycentric four-axis geometry of the joint ensures a high level of stance phase stability and safety. With these features, the 3R67 provides young amputees with reliable support at any walking speed and enables spontaneous actions.

In addition, the prosthesis grows along with the child: The delivery includes a tube clamp adapter where the length can be adjusted by up to two centimetres without requiring a new tube adapter. With a net weight of just 510 g, the joint offers great freedom of movement.

A further highlight is the durable, robust design, which allows the 3R67 to withstand the widely varied demands of sports and playtime activites. Nine-year-old Rio Woolf who is especially delighted about this says, “My friends think it’s cool that I don’t need any special attention. With this, I can do anything I set my mind to.”

Active children like Rio who love to be on the move also benefit from the special sport prosthesis combination consisting of the Runner junior sports foot and the 3S80=1 sport knee joint.

The website for the company is HERE 

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