Smartbox Simple AAC workshops

Assistive technology specialist Smartbox is hosting a range of free AAC workshops, which will enable carers and therapists to help learners with complex communication needs reach their full potential.

The workshops will take place throughout schools across the UK and are aimed at anyone who supports communication with a learner with limited or no speech. They are half day events which cover how to start using the Smartbox Simple AAC framework and include a Simple AAC tool kit.

The workshops are delivered by Speech and Language Therapist Danielle Foakes and Assistive Technology Specialist Keira Fewtrell, who combine 20 years of experience in working with children with complex needs.

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Using the Smartbox Simple AAC framework, the workshops will guide participants through what symbol AAC is and participants will learn strategies and practise different techniques in small groups.

Simple AAC is a framework created by Smartbox that brings together the key ideas about supporting early AAC learners with their communication.

Every letter of ‘SIMPLE AAC’ represents a strategy which healthcare professionals can do to help the AAC learner:

S – Show

I – Interesting

M – Months and Months

P – Pause

L – Language

E – Explore


A – Always Available

A – Add Words

C – Comment


Topics covered on the day

  • What is ‘communication’?
  • What does ‘AAC’ mean?
  • What is core vocabulary?
  • Being a good communication partner
  • Myths and realities of implementing AAC

Smartbox is a designer and manufacturer of assistive technology solutions, with software and hardware devices including communication aids, environmental controls, computer controls and interactive learning solutions.

To find out more about the workshops or to book onto them, visit the website

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