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Helping minimise healthcare costs, the first full 10-year set costing model programme has been launched by global medical manufacturer Hill-Rom for its HR 900 bed system.

This 10-year guarantee will apply to the HR 900 bed system to highlight its reliability and durability along with Hill-Rom’s own confidence in this popular product. The offer is available on selected Hill-Rom 900 frames including Basic, Pro, Centuris Pro & Elite. It does not include the HR900 Accella or other Hill-Rom Speciality bed frames.

The costing programme has been introduced in order to help hospitals to reduce lifetime costs associated with bed frame platforms and to budget more accurately by eliminating unexpected bills for spare parts or repair.

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The offer will run across the Hill-Rom 900 frames from the third year, once the Hill-Rom standard warranty ends, through to the tenth year of ownership. It includes servicing, all spare parts and replacement batteries at the age intervals recommended by Hill-Rom.

Technical training for hospital teams responsible for maintenance will also be provided on a one-off basis to ensure Hill-Rom’s guidelines and recommendations are upheld.

Paul Kirkby, Head of Clinical Engineering at Croydon University Hospital, commented: “The Hill-Rom 900 bed system is very good value for money, rarely does anything go wrong and value of support from the Hill-Rom engineers is extremely good. They are built to last; I’d rate them highly for both durability and quality.”

Increasingly, healthcare organisations are having to face the challenge of balancing a work environment that is safe and comfortable for patients and caregivers as well as economically viable while providing top-quality care, notes Hill-Rom. This is not only for the protection and well-being of the organisation, but also to minimise healthcare cost and avoid potential litigation.

With this in mind, the Hill-Rom 900 bed system is efficient, allowing the focus to be on patient care. Featuring intuitive and ergonomic “nurse-assist” functions, the bed system allows caregivers to spend less time operating the bed and more time looking after patients, enhancing the safety and efficiency of patient mobilisation.

With two attachment points, each on the base frame and on the sleep deck, weight can be distributed evenly across the sleep deck to maintain optimal lateral stability, enhancing safety for patient egression and ingression.

James Rhodes, Marketing Manager for Early Mobilisation and Falls Prevention at Hill-Rom, said: “The Hill-Rom 900 platform was designed, engineered and tested to deliver superior durability, exceed industry standards and ensure reliability through its lifetime.

“The straightforward design of the bed combined with the extensive service capabilities from Hill-Rom plus our pioneering 10-year guarantee, will ensure that healthcare facilities achieve maximum return on investment and top-quality patient care.”

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