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The British Assistive Technology Association (BATA) has collaborated with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) flagship programme Global Cooperation on Assistive Technology (GATE) to launch a survey about priority assistive technology products in the UK.

Aimed at relevant UK stakeholders, the survey – led by BATA – will bring to light the different types of assistive technology that every person in the country should have access to. This priority assistive products list (APL) will help the UK plan, procure and provide essential assistive technology products to the elderly and disabled people who need it most, says BATA.

In addition, this APL will help the UK save money in the long-term by preventing illness and disability through the use of assistive technology devices.

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GATE’s APL project is based on WHO’s model list of essential medicines, which raises awareness of assistive technology products among the public and encourages competition and innovation.

According to BATA, the UK will be the first high-income country globally to carry out an APL survey, which will involve a wide range of organisations and professionals representing disabled people.

The hope is that by identifying priority assistive technology products within the UK, other countries across the globe will act in a similar way to get essential devices to those who need it the most, delivering cost savings and improving quality of life worldwide.

Further details about the survey are to be released soon by the BATA.

To participate in the survey, contact Council Member Esther Dakin-Poole via:

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