“Through the most advanced AI personal health assistant, millions of people will have access to primary healthcare – a fundamental human right that hasn’t yet been realised”

Your.MD, a new app providing the world’s first Personal Health Assistant has recently launched OneStop Health, a new service that enables users to find relevant and trustworthy public and private health services and products.

Your.MD offers users medical guidance through an end-to-end AI, together with machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP). The revolutionary Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered Personal Health Assistant offers personalised, trustworthy and free health advice to those with a smartphone.

With the addition of OneStop Health, Your.MD is the first one-stop-shop in digital health to allow people to take full control of each stage of their health issues, from understanding their symptoms to finding the best treatment via a chatbot.

Your.MD appThe launch takes place as Your.MD adds Facebook Messenger which features 900 million monthly active users, predominantly in the West – and WeChat – 700 million monthly active users, predominantly in the East – to the list of distribution platforms on which its AI Personal Health Assistant is now available.

The company says OneStop Health is the final element of it’s 3-step service that enables people to get answers to the 3 fundamental health questions:

1. What’s wrong with me?
AI understands what the user is suffering from

2. What’s the most likely solution?
AI will find the most relevant condition and offer a solution

3. What services are available to help me get better?
If needed, AI will propose the best free and premium 3rd party services from OneStop Health

Focusing initially on five key areas – prescription medicines, mental health, telemedicine, specialist services from the NHS, and integration with other self-care apps – Your.MD’s OneStop Health fills a gap in the market for a one-stop-shop where people can go to find best-in-class health service providers and products, at anytime, anywhere in the world, that are relevant to their unique circumstances.

Matteo Berlucchi, Your.MD’s chief executive, said: “Our OneStop Health is an integral part of our vision; if you can’t get to your doctor or need to get a blood test, a prescription or make an appointment to see the best local specialist, Your.MD can facilitate it – safely and responsibly by connecting you to the best service providers and products who can help you get what you need.”

Your.MD’s OneStop Health launches with several services already integrated. HealthExpress will provides customers with an online clinic that, following a free remote consultation with a doctor, can dispense online prescriptions. The free, next-day delivery service – or same day delivery for London postcodes – will initially be available in the UK, with plans to roll-out across Europe.

PlusGuidance will provide a 24-hour on-demand service for patients with mental health issues via video call, messaging and in-person. Your.MD users in Scandinavia will also be able to have a remote consultation with an experienced healthcare professional via HelseTelefonen.  There are also various additional services that will be provided by the NHS to UK residents.

Your.MD’s launch partner, Samsung S Health – on which Your.MD is available on 400 million Samsung Galaxy Phones – and existing telemedicine service, Allianz Global Assistance, are already benefiting from the app’s global footprint on iOS and Android devices and from the growing number of users accessing the service through chat on Slack, Telegram and now Facebook Messenger, WeChat and Kik.

Your.MD launched the beta version of its AI Personal Health Assistant in November 2015 on iOS and Android platforms and has been researching and developing its AI offering since its establishment in December 2012.

Matteo Berlucchi commented: “We’re doing something incredibly unique and exciting; we’re placing the ability of self-care in reach of everyone with a mobile phone. Through the most advanced AI personal health assistant, millions of people will have access to primary healthcare – a fundamental human right that hasn’t yet been realised, either in the emerging markets or in the developed world.”

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