Bed choices for mental health patients can be very limited, with some beds in the most extreme cases fixed to the floor and being nothing more than solid blocks. For mental health patients who are admitted with complex care needs or physical health issues and for those detained in mental health units for lengthy periods of time, this can create problems for both caregivers and patients.

Care, comfort and wellbeing are all considerations which have to be accounted and it is these issues that Medstrom Healthcare’s MMO 3000MH aims to address. It is an ultra-low electric profiling bed designed for the mental health environment. The height can be adjusted to just 19cm, ensuring confused patients protection should they climb or fall out of the bed and can set to a custom height for each patient, dependent on their needs.

The MMO 3000MH includes adaptations specifically for the mental health environment including a wireless infrared hand control, removable power cord and concealed cables, all designed to remove ligature risk and enable staff to move the bed around the ward easily.

Fixed sleep deck panels and smooth, fixed head and foot boards also reduce the potential of harm to the patient and caregiver. The bed also comes with a high degree of customisable options, with a choice of side rails and a full range of matching furniture, allowing it to fit into a mental health setting.

Additional benefits include the backrest automatically pausing at the two most clinically beneficial positions of head elevation, an electric backrest and the ability to achieve a chair position with one button, helping patients to sit up without the need for carers to move patients into a chair.

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