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Hearing aid manufacturer Oticon has unveiled that its Oticon More hearing aids have received the internationally recognised Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021.

This latest achievement highlights Oticon’s commitment to pioneering hearing aid research and design, the manufacturer states.

Taking place annually, the Red Dot Award is a globally renowned symbol for outstanding product design. This year, thousands of submissions from over 60 countries were individually assessed by the independent and international jury of experts, before deciding which have the most innovative designs.

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The Red Dot jury agreed that the excellent quality of Oticon’s latest premium hearing aids made them stand out.

Oticon More is the world’s first hearing aid to allow users to hear more relevant sounds, which makes listening more natural. It features a unique on-board Deep Neural Network (DNN), pre-trained by Oticon, with 12 million sound scenes from real life in order to optimise the way Oticon More makes sound more distinct.

The DNN works seamlessly across varying listening environments, which means that when the user wears Oticon More hearing aids, they get more precision and clarity while still feeling that the sound is comfortable.

Commenting on the award win, Janne Jakobson, Vice President of the Oticon Brand, Global, said: “Winning a Red Dot for high design quality in 2021 is an achievement we are extremely proud of, especially knowing that number of entries exceeded any previous year in the awards’ 60 year history.

“The journey to conceive Oticon More has required an unwavering dedication by our engineers and researchers, so it is really rewarding for them to see that all of their hard work is recognised. They are the backbone that supports our relentless focus on research and development.

“We tore up the industry rule book with Oticon More. Drawing on years of research of how the brain hears sound and how hearing technology can best support the brain, we invented a ground-breaking, radically new approach to sound processing which is helping users to hear more naturally. We are delighted to have the fruition of our research recognised, especially with such a respected global award.”

Last month, Oticon unveiled new research revealing that hearing aids could reduce the impact that sound, and more specifically noise, has on a person’s stress levels. The new data collected could one day see well-fitted hearing aids being used to help reduce raised heart rate, Oticon underlines.

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