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Medequip Connect is aiming to implement an innovative approach to the delivery of technology enabled care services (TECS), based around the use of advanced information and communications technologies.

The company is investing in the ‘future of telecare’ by moving all its systems to a digital platform in advance of proposed changes within the telecoms industry planned for 2025.

Medequip Connect, which is Medequip’s telecare offering, supports individuals to live safely in their homes and communities, using the new digital platform to provide services that are faster, more reliable and feature-rich to enhance independence and quality of life.

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Now with the switch to digital, Medequip Connect says the steps it has taken means it can provide support for the new range of wearable and peripheral telecare products designed to improve quality of life.

The digital platform is built around internet connections and SIP calling with improved bandwidth and faster speeds, which Medequip Connect says facilitates improved functionality and quality, increased ease of use for operators, and better provision for service users.

Working closely with selected telecoms and software partners, the Medequip Connect team aims to ensure backwards compatibility as well as future-proofing and performance.

Additionally, the digital switch has enabled the Medequip Connect team to operate from multiple locations, including working from home, ensuring reliable continuity of TECS.

Now, all of Medequip Connect’s calls are handled on a single digital platform, bringing everything together in one place for operators and providing an efficient TEC service for elderly and disabled people throughout the UK.

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