Anna-Karin Edstedt Bonamy, CEO of Doctrin and Specialist Doctor image
Anna-Karin Edstedt Bonamy, CEO of Doctrin and Specialist Doctor

Swedish platform provider Doctrin has launched the Doctrin Network module to offer a seamless patient journey and facilitate collaboration between health care units.

With Doctrin Network, healthcare professionals are able to invite colleagues from other health and social care units to collaborate seamlessly and improve the patient and caregiver outcomes, while ensuring integrity of the patient record and ensuring the “highest standards” of data security.

The new solution aims to bridge the gaps that exist in today’s healthcare systems.

Doctrin Network allows the patient to see all new, ongoing and old cases, regardless of which healthcare unit is managing that episode of care.

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Health and care professionals can then invite additional care professionals from separate units or guide the patient directly through digital referrals.

“The patient’s consent to all steps has been a critical factor in enabling integrated care that does not detract from but strengthens the patient’s influence. We have also developed a user-friendly, digital handshake between care units to ensure that no patients fall between the cracks and that there is always a clear patient responsibility”, said Anna-Karin Edstedt Bonamy, CEO of Doctrin and Specialist Doctor.

Sweden’s largest healthcare provider Capio is using Doctrin Network to facilitate collaboration between care units. Its goal is to give patients a single point of entry to its services and allow the platform to guide the patient to the proper care level without needing to repeatedly describe their care needs or long waiting times.

Maria Huss, Nurse and Operations Coordinator at Capio, explained: “We want to make it easier for the patient to navigate what can sometimes be a turmoil of information and care levels.

“With Doctrin Network, we make it easier for patients to be guided directly to the proper care level. In addition to helping the patient, Doctrin Network is a tool that gives health care professionals the satisfaction to help patients more smoothly.”

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