With strokes being the second leading cause of death in the UK and the number of sudden cardiac arrests (SCA) reaching the tens of thousands, The Key Safe Company is introducing a portable ECG device to detect early warning signs.

The WIWE uses a unique intelligent algorithm, which evaluates the properties of the ECG wave to calculate if there is a risk of Atrial Fibrillation related stroke and SCA.

The handheld device is designed for personal use and allows remote patient monitoring with the opportunity for results to be sent to a GP or specialist when further analysis is required.

The main feature of the WIWE is its ability to record an individual’s heart rhythm, while also measuring blood oxygen (SpO2) and heart rate. This is then analysed by the free app that can be accessed by individuals to monitor without the need for medical assistance.

Commenting on the launch of WIWE, David Ogden, managing director of The Key Safe Company said: “The number of cardiac arrests and strokes that take place in the UK each year is shockingly high, with survival rates relatively low in comparison. When someone suffers SCA every second is vital as most cases result in death within minutes. Identifying the warning signs quickly and efficiently, through devices such as the WIWE, can go someway to changing these statistics for the better.

“Our business is built on the commitment to providing products that help make receiving care a quicker process, making the WIWE a natural addition to our product portfolio. Crucially it is able to detect warning signs early on to ensure no time is lost when action is required.”

The device is simple to operate as it has two electrode sensors where a user can place their thumbs or any two fingers to record an ECG reading while capturing SpO2. The data is then analysed in the app and operates a traffic light system to highlight when action is required.

Lightweight and slim, the WIWE is the size of a business card making it easy to transport in pockets. The device can be simply charged through a USB cable and set up is straightforward as it is compatible with Android and IOS devices.

For further information on WIWE and the full range of key safes available from The Key Safe Company, go HERE

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