A new, ergonomically designed shower chair commode range is promising those with personal care needs greater adaptability, comfort and independence.

The new Ocean Ergo family of modular shower chair commodes from Invacare builds upon its pre-existing Ocean range with a new, ergonomic seat, featuring a contoured seat plate developed based on the imprints that people leave behind when seated.

Designed to encourage a more upright and stable seating position to promote user independence and enhance overall comfort, the new range has been influenced by healthcare professionals and users.

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Additionally, a 5 degrees rearward seat angle and transfer supports at the front of the seat plate allows the user to position themselves into a comfortable and effective position for independent toileting.

Lisa Cook, Marketing Manager for Lifestyle products, said: “This product has been designed in conjunction with therapists and carers, as well as disabled and elderly people, culminating in a comfortable, safe and now even more adaptable shower chair commode.  Our aim, as always, is to bring enhanced independence, safety and dignity to elderly and disabled people as well as provide a safe working environment for families and carers.”

The new range also aims to offer greater adaptability, with the modular design allowing chairs to be adapted to suit different user needs via simple adjustments to the armrest, seat height, leg rests and footplates or by adding a range of off-the shelf accessories.

According to the company, the Ocean Ergo also offers a highly cost-effective alternative to prescriptive shower chair commodes and now presents even more variation within the Ocean shower chair range, allowing a wider range of elderly and disabled people to benefit from an off the shelf solution.

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