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In 2017/2018, 56 children in the Coventry and Warwickshire area had to wait in excess of 18 weeks to receive a wheelchair from the NHS.

The target is for individuals to receive their mobility device in under 18 weeks.

A total of 28 children (39 percent) were left waiting more than 18 weeks for their wheelchair from Warwickshire North CCG.

In addition, 19 children in Coventry and Rugby had to wait more than 18 weeks, with nine children in South Warwickshire also facing the same issue.

A spokesperson from South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust told Coventry Live: “Unfortunately there has been increased pressures on the children’s wheelchair service which has impacted on waiting times.

“The Trust recognises what an important service it is and has put immediate plans in place to address the waiting lists and ensure children have access to the equipment they need as quickly as possible.”

NHS Coventry and Rugby CCG said that at the end of 2016/2017, they missed the target of getting mobility devices to children in 18 weeks or under.

In a statement, a spokesman commented: “At the close of 2016/17, the local target of 92 per cent for receiving equipment within 18 weeks was missed by 0.9 per cent.

“91.1 per cent of children within Coventry and Rugby received equipment within 18 weeks.

“The CCG work closely with both providers to ensure the 18 week target is met and an action plan is in place to help achieve this.

“We continue to work with our providers in both areas to provide high quality and safe services to our patients.”

Now included in all CCGs’ improvement plans, wheelchairs are to be delivered to all patients in 18 weeks or less from the time of referral.

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