Lit Smith has recently attended a family wedding thanks to her FreeWheel all-terrain add-on from Gerald Simonds.

Lit has a rare condition called SCA 1, which is an inherited form of cerebellar ataxia (similar to MS) that affects her speech and coordination, resulting in frequent falls.

Her daughter got married this summer in a marquee in a field. However, during the wedding preparations, Lit realised she would need help getting her manual wheelchair across the rough terrain.

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She explained: “Just because I have a disability I was determined to be part of my daughter’s big day as mother of the bride!

“Pushing my wheelchair on grass had always been extremely hard work for myself and whoever was pushing me and just getting to the marquee as the build-up got underway was exhausting.

“I didn’t want to have to keep asking people to help push me during the wedding so I decided to see what solutions were out there which would help me and my family carers.”

After researching online, Lit discovered the FreeWheel from Gerald Simonds.

The FreeWheel attaches to the front of a manual wheelchair and lifts the front castors off the ground, turning a standard wheelchair into a sturdy three-wheeler which can tackle almost any type of terrain such as grass, kerbs and rough uneven roads.

The large front wheel has less resistance than small castors, making it easier to navigate on any surface, whether the user is alone or with a companion.

“The FreeWheel is just brilliant,” Lit commented. “As soon as we had fitted the adaptor to my wheelchair and then attached the FreeWheel off I went towards the marquee to see how everything was progressing. The day itself was amazing and thanks to the FreeWheel I did not miss out on any of the celebrations.”

Following her daughter’s wedding, Lit is now confident of enjoying her son’s wedding in July next year, which will also take place on the family farm. She has also enjoyed several trips to National Trust properties with her husband and they have planned a trip to their favourite Scottish beaches.

Lit concluded: “In the past visiting such places was a total nightmare for me and for who ever was pushing my wheelchair but thanks to the FreeWheel I can enjoy days out as much as everyone else.

“The FreeWheel has made a huge difference and I would certainly recommend it to other wheelchair users who struggle when travelling over rougher terrain.”

Established in 1983, Gerald Simonds specialises in lightweight manual, powered and standing wheelchairs, powerdrives, seating and pressure care products.

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