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David Beavis, Sales Director at MediSmart Technologies

MediSmart Technologies, a UK manufacturer of pressure care systems, launched a new product at Medica in Germany this month – the MicroCell Dynamic Recliner Chair Overlay.

A slim, alternating air mattress, the MicroCell Dynamic Recliner Chair Overlay features a ‘simple-to-use’ pump and can retro fit any recliner chair. The MicroCell technology is patented and incorporates a thin design of 70 alternating cells.

It is set to tackle the problems of pressure ulcers amongst client.

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David Beavis, MediSmart’s sales director and chair of the BHTA beds & support surfaces section, said: “We had a lot of interest at Medica especially with regard to the issue that regularly occurs whereby users of recliner chairs can, on many occasions, use these chairs in a supine position as a bed for long periods of time and not always have the appropriate alternating support surface as they would do in a profiling bed. This therefore could contribute to an increase in pressure ulcers.”

MediSmart creates hybrid pressure relief systems for healthcare professionals and patients.

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