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AMAneo Assistive Mouse Adapter imageFor people whose hands shake severely (tremors), it is difficult for them to operate a computer mouse or touchscreen device. To combat this issue, CSS has developed an adaptor which electronically filters hand trembling to ensure smooth operation on computers and tablets.

Worldwide, millions of people suffer from tremors, which can be caused by a variety of conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease, or through ageing. However, the trembling sensation can be a significant limitation, especially when operating a computer or tablet.

CSS’ new AMAneo Assistive Mouse Adapter helps people with hand tremors use a computer mouse more easily. It works by electronically filtering trembling sensations so that the cursor on the display unit can move smoothly.

For people with tremors, touchscreen functionality on tablets is replaced by a normal mouse or a special assistive mouse which allows the user to control the device with different body parts, like the head or chin.

However, the AMAneo adaptor also works with iPads with the AMAneo BTi version, allowing users to plug in an ordinary or assistive mouse to give a more reliable cursor movement.

The adaptor is plugged in between a mouse and computer or notebook, or connected via Bluetooth with a tablet. It works with any mouse and any operating system and does not require additional software installation.

There are various different functionalities available with the adaptor, including adjusting the intensity of the tremor filter, a click delay option and an automatic click option. In addition, there are connection slots for external push-buttons for the left and right mouse buttons.

Based in Weinsberg, CSS MicroSystems has over 30 years of experience in developing electronic aids for people with disabilities.

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