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The Housing LIN, a network bringing together housing, health and social care professionals, has announced the launch of group training sessions for housing and care professionals who work with people with autism.

Launched due to popular demand, courses are available as group sessions and will be held at the Housing LIN’s offices in Central London in April 2020. Provisional dates for the course are the 3rd of April or the 24th of April.

‘Autism– some different perspectives: A one-day course’ is aimed at housing and care professionals who work directly with, or occasionally meet, people with autism in their work. It gives delegates the chance to deepen their knowledge of autism, understand the issues that people with autism face, and offer ways of working with people with autism that increases confidence.

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The course covers: how people on the Autism Spectrum perceive the world differently and why this might cause issues for the way housing and care professionals work with them; diagnosing autism; how autism affects people’s lives and the lives of their families and carers; characteristics and behaviours of people with autism; the Autistic world – sensory overload and the environment; and what barriers in society people with autism face.

Information will be presented in fun and engaging ways, including paired work, small group work, quizzes, videos and case studies.

After taking the course, delegates will: understand best practice approaches and strategies for working with people with autism; know about the autism legislation; be given advice on communicating with people on the Autistic Spectrum; and review their own working practices for increased confidence.

To find out more about the autism training sessions, visit

To book a place or to discuss in-house training options, email

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