UK charity Arthritis Action has launched a free online self-management learning platform to help improve the quality of daily life for those living with arthritis.

The resource, available on the Arthritis Action website, features 16 evidence-based educational videos, broken down into physical and mental aspects of living with arthritis.

Participants will hear directly from a rheumatologist, physiotherapist, osteopath, dietitian, clinical hypnotherapist and a self-management trainer. The topics include Diet and Arthritis; Medication and Arthritis; X-rays; Aids and Devices; Positive Thinking; Persistent Pain; and Weight Management.

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Self-management of arthritis refers to a set of approaches that help people living with the condition to manage their own health and improve their daily life.

According to a recent YouGov report examining the impact of arthritis on people of working age, 64 percent of those surveyed have found self-management techniques to be useful.

Shantel Irwin, Chief Executive of Arthritis Action, said: “Ten million people in the UK live with arthritis. It is the leading cause of pain and disability nationwide.

“Our recent research revealed that around three-quarters of people with arthritis worry that they can’t continue to enjoy their usual hobbies, and over half find it very challenging to get around.

“We are therefore very pleased to launch the first online arthritis self-management learning platform in the UK, giving people access to the tools they need to take control of their condition, no matter where they live or how mobile they are.

“Our resource has also been designed for those leading very busy lives, aiming to empower them to better understand and manage their condition, whilst learning at their own pace and convenience.”

Arthritis Action is the only UK charity that offers a holistic self-management approach, tailored to address both the physical and mental impacts of arthritis.

Jennifer Devonshire image
Jennifer Devonshire

Commenting on the new platform, Jennifer Devonshire, 32, arthritis patient and Member of Arthritis Action, says: “When time with a rheumatologist is spent discussing results and medication, there is no time to talk about other ways of managing my disease.

“Having a resource, created by experts, that has information in one place with exercise, diet, complementary therapy and other suggestions gives me the confidence to try things that I know will not cause further damage and will help me live a better life.”

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