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Offering wheelchair users additional power and performance, Invacare has announced the launch of its new SMOOV One power-add on device for manual wheelchairs.

An easy to attach device with a top speed of 10km/h, the SMOOV One is compact, sleek and offers individuals extra power for everyday use. It can maintain a constant speed and is operated by a Bluetooth hand control unit that attaches to the chair.

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Featuring an integrated carry handle, the power-assist device can travel up to 20km and has a weight of 7.2kg, making it an ideal travel companion for longer distances. The unit also features a handy USB‐C socket for charging purposes, which is helpful for active individuals on the go.

In addition, the device offers hands‐free driving with its flexible 360°drive wheel, providing extra power when individuals need it. SMOOV One docks or undocks to most manual wheelchair models, either fixed or folding.

The power add-on is also able to travel over most types of surfaces and maintain a constant speed up slopes of 16 percent, allowing users to navigate the outdoors with ease. Invacare adds that the extra power and performance with the SMOOV One is useful for people who suffer with fatigue or hand cramps on longer journeys.

SMOOV One image

To find out more about the SMOOV One, contact Invacare on 01656 776222, email via or visit the website 

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