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The Stroke Association has launched a new campaign – ‘Rebuilding Lives: the second phase’ – which aims to raise general awareness of strokes and showcase the devastating impact strokes can have on people’s lives.

This new campaign follows a recent survey carried out by the Stroke Association on more than 1,000 stroke survivors in the UK about their concerns after having a stroke.

According to the research, fear is a hidden barrier to stroke survivors’ recover journeys and a staggering 89 percent of survey respondents said they live in fear of having another stroke, 79 percent are scared to go out alone, and four out of five are worried about their recovery.

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“Fear prevents people from getting out and about and meeting others, two of the key factors that stroke survivors have said are integral to their recovery,” the Stroke Association remarked in its survey.

Additionally, the survey revealed many survivors face their recovery alone due to not discussing their fears and thoughts with others, with over a third of respondents not wanting to worry anyone, 27 percent being too scared to share their fears and one quarter not wanting to sound stupid.

The Stroke Association adds that these concerns and fears can stagger survivors’ recovery as they are afraid they won’t get better.

To combat this, the Rebuilding Lives campaign aims to raise awareness of the devastating impact of strokes and shows survivors the different support options they have to aid them in their recovery journey.

As part of this support network, the Association outlines the vital role healthcare professionals play in ensuring survivors don’t struggle in silence.

However, the Association adds that healthcare professionals can become overstretched and highlights the different services and support it offers to stroke patients to help ease off the pressure.

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