Credit: North Wales Chronicle

The Fron Goch garden centre in Wales is launching new technology which allows people to with dementia to stay independent while walking around the centre.

Being trialled for the first time, the ‘Wandersafe’ dementia scheme will launch on the 27th of November at 4pm, which will be monitored for a year afterwards.

Dementia patients are given a lanyard with a sensor, while their carers are given a pager. If a dementia patient walks towards the garden centre’s doors, the sensor alerts the pager, thus notifying the carer, stopping them from leaving the centre unattended.

Credit: North Wales Chronicle

This means that carers can be reassured that the patient is safe, while simultaneously giving that individual independence as they can walk around the garden by themselves.

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Justin Williams, Managing Director at Fron Goch, told the North Wales Chronicle: “It’s important to us that customers feel safe during visits.”

Dementia gardens have become a more popular environment recently, with Occupational Therapist Anastasia Barnes recently winning £1,000 to help create a sensory garden for dementia patients. The aim is to keep dementia clients safe, while giving them independence and keeping them engaged.

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