bio-riteBio-Rite has announced the launch of a new UV Disinfection Unit called Bio-UV. The disinfection trolley is designed for hospitals to decontaminate wards and areas contaminated with bacteria and viruses rapidly, effectively and safely.

“Bio-UV device represents a significant investment by Bio-Rite and underlines our goal and continued commitment to providing a comprehensive range of decontamination services to help our NHS to maintain an infection-free health-care environment for vulnerable patients,” confirms Alan Wright, Managing Director, Bio-Rite Ltd.

“The key benefit of Bio-UV to hospitals is that enables specific areas to be decontaminated rapidly and economically. In this way, in just twenty minutes an area can be returned to use, helping nursing staff maximise the valuable resource of ward space.

“The device itself is constructed of stainless steel with UV tubes wrapped in UV transmitting plastic, to transmit UV-C light. Irradiance measurements are traceable to National Standards,” confirms Wright.

“This allows accurate calculation of process time, to achieve the required log reduction for specific micro-organisms using independently researched scientific data. Operated remotely via Wi-Fi, the trolley is provided with a tablet which allows the user to choose from a number of pre-set exposure times or enter a custom time depending on the exposure level required.

“It can be wheeled into a ward following cleaning, the appropriate UV dose selected and then it is left until the cycle is completed. Bio-Rite provides guaranteed service levels and all the necessary training and support for hospital infection control personnel using the equipment.”

Bio-Rite’s team has more than 40 years’ experience in infection control and also provides a range of other services including a community care equipment decontamination service that treats over 250,000 items of healthcare equipment each year from its base in Hampshire.

Bio-UV is now available through Bio-Rite. For further information visit the website HERE

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