Closomat Palma Vita image

Closomat has launched its new Palma Vita shower (wash & dry) toilet, which can be tailored to suit the user’s needs both initially and retrospectively, supporting individuals if their condition deteriorates or their needs change.

Its variety of operating mechanisms means that the shower toilet can be used without the help of a carer. The toilet can be flushed, and its integrated cleaning processes triggered, by the user.

As standard, flush pads on the front of the close-coupled cistern trigger the simultaneous flushing and douching of the Palma Vita, followed by warm air drying.

When the user does not have, or no longer has, the strength, dexterity or mobility to push either of the pads, the toilet can still be used and operated in full via an air-operated touch sensitive switch, an infra-red remote control or a passive-technology proxy switch.

Robin Tuffley, Marketing Manager at Closomat, said: “Most people are aware of the cost benefits of adapting a client’s home rather than providing care support, where practical. Alterations to the toilet are the most common form of adaptation.

“Installing a shower toilet is a proven technique to alleviate the need for care support, and maintain someone’s independence, in their own home.”

He explained that living aids can become unusable quickly if a user can no longer operate it due to a deterioration in health, impacting massively on social care.

“At least with our Palma Vita, it is quick and easy to retro-fit one of our alternative operating mechanisms, so the client can still use it, still have their independence and dignity- with all its tangible and intangible benefits in terms of their physical and mental wellbeing, and still not need care support,” continued Robin.

“It’s about positive care, and giving everyone in the chain best value.”

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