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The International Society of Wheelchair Professionals (ISWP) has announced a new online certification called Basic Wheelchair Service Provider.

It is intended for clinicians, technicians, students and community workers who are partly or fully involved in wheelchair service provision. The certification is valuable to both employers and wheelchair users, says ISWP.

On completion, the Basic Wheelchair Service Provider (WSP) Certification will enable professionals to demonstrate that they have knowledge and training on wheelchair provision at a basic level.

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Once individuals are registered on ISWP’s Wheelchair International Network (WIN), they can also access additional training and certificates.

The price for professionals is £100 and for students is £70. The certification lasts for two years, after which time re-certification can be obtained for £72 for professionals and £45 for students.

Upon completing certification at the Basic Level, there is also the option for professionals to pursue ISWP’s Intermediate and Trainer Recognition Certificates.

ISWP helps to professionalise wheelchair services around the world and make wheelchair provision more accessible. Its latest Basic WSP Certification ensures service personnel have mastery of seating and mobility skills, keep up-to-date with evidence-based practice, and can help clients safely.

For any enquiries about the certification or about ISWP, contact Krithika Kandavel, ISWP Research and Training Coordinator, via krithikak@pitt.edu

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