Koller i-ON wheelchair tie-down retractor image

Wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) products specialist Koller has launched its new i-ON high-capacity electrical wheelchair tie-down retractor.

Designed with user safety in mind, the new i-ON system features an extended strap length that was developed following user feedback as well as robust protective cover to increase the product’s longevity.

Dean Koller, Director at Koller Engineering, explained: “Following feedback from our customers we have extended the length of the strap to 4.20 metres. This allows for the easy fitting of the straps to the front of the wheelchair on a level surface outside of the vehicle.

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“The extra-long strap can be fitted to the wheelchair before it is on the vehicle’s ramp, and is the safest and most preferable way to attach the tie-down retractor.”

In addition, the strong metal cover for the new wheelchair tie-down retractor will protect the inner mechanics to ensure the device works as it should and increases the product’s lifetime.

i-ON can be easily connected to a vehicle’s 12-volt electrical system with the belt conveniently retracting when the power is turned off.

With an integrated belt guide to stop the webbing from twisting, i-ON retracts into its compact and robust casing with ease.

“We always strive to make all of our products user–friendly and to ensure all safety standards are in place,” Dean finished. “I-ON has been crash-tested to ISO 10542 giving users the peace of mind that it is safe for use on any journey.”

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