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August has been designated as “Happiness Happens Month” and NRS Healthcare has added to its recent social media campaigns by getting involved and addressing the challenge of connecting with other people, through age or disability, and highlighting how well-known bloggers who have experienced these situations have overcome them.

Studies have shown that feeling joy can help people to live longer and that feeling lonely can be as harmful for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. The company says that learning to live independently and having a close support network of friends is hugely important to owning a positive mind set and improving your mental health.

The digital team at NRS has created an online article focusing on four topics that can be a particular challenge to adults when connecting with others in their everyday lives. These topics are:

• Making and finding new friends as an adult.
• Living independently with a disability.
• Combatting loneliness.
• Connecting with others.

Each section highlights three bloggers who have experience with these challenges and have shared their advice on how to deal with each, from surviving the trials of motherhood to embracing mobility aids and even helping people to understand how to speak to people with a mental health condition or physical disability.

The article aims to reach out to people who can relate to these situations, so they know they are not alone, whilst also offering practical advice on how to best resolve the challenges they face.

The article has been featured on NRS Healthcare’s blog and will be shared across their social media during the course of August.

You can read more HERE

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