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Nexgear Tango imageThe Nexgear Tango, designed by Ottobock, is a new innovative orthotic ankle joint with a spring-loaded joint system, which can be adjusted to a number of different settings to suit the individual’s needs.

It is designed to help those with partial or total paralysis of the leg muscles, either through incomplete spinal injury, traumatic brain injury, infantile cerebral palsy, spina bifida, stroke, or other neurological conditions which affect the plantarflexion and/or dorsiflexion phases of gait.

Following its successful launch at OT World in Germany, Nexgear Tango is now available in the UK.

Featuring a double-action ankle joint with three functions: stop-module, spring-module and reaction-module, Nexgear Tango enables individual adaptation. Modules can be removed and added whenever needed, making it adaptable through a patient’s entire rehabilitation process.

Using ground reaction forces to influence the knee and ankle joint, the reaction module has a high level of energy return. The module’s reaction springs allow the energy return to be optimised on an individual basis.

In addition, the Tango ensures the largest possible range of motion in the ankle, even with high spring force, resulting in a more dynamic and natural gait pattern.

In fitting, the clinician can take a systematic approach, aligning it in a static position before dynamic adjustment with the spring-loaded module.

Jana Middlebrook, Ottobock Academy Clinician, said: “We’re very excited to be able to offer the Nexgear Tango to the UK orthotics market. The high energy return reaction modules offer the Orthotist greater control of the Ground Reaction Force (GRF). This makes for much more effective dynamic alignment and improved gait kinematics for the user.

“It’s the first product in Ottobock’s Nexgear range and we think it’s going to be very popular thanks to its adaptability to patient needs, together with its performance.”

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