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Kernow Instrument Technology (KIT), a new Cornish-based company, has launched an innovative product which is able to make handling everyday objects easier for those with limited dexterity.

Having recently completed a BA in Sustainable Product Design and now working for KIT, Rebecca Smyth wanted to create products for people who struggle with day-to-day tasks.

The inspired designer developed the KIT Handygrip, a gel-like strip designed to wrap around objects such as cutlery, glasses, tools and other everyday items where people experience difficulty in gripping or need an area on an item to conform to a better fit for the hand and be more ergonomic.

As well as everyday items, the new strips could also be applicable for use on larger mobility items, such as the handlebars of mobility scooters, providing a vast range of options for users.

Handygrip image

“I have my own health battles that make me more determined to push my designs out to help others wherever I can,” explained Rebecca.

“I have also worked alongside an Occupational Therapist from the Royal Cornwall Hospital during my HCD research and development to gain more information on developing my products to better understand the needs of end-users.”

Particularly useful for those with arthritis, the KIT HandyGrip can be easily removed and reapplied to different items according to the company, as well as washed in warm, soapy water to easily regain its former stickiness.

In addition, the product is mouldable, allowing for a custom fit for any user, conforming to each user’s unique hand size and shape, regardless of their condition.

Handygrip image

To contact the company to find out more about the range, contact sales@lab-kit.com

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