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A new smartphone app, which has been released by Motability Assist, is to help wheelchair and powerchair users who have broken down and require assistance by providing a breakdown recovery service.

Motability Assist offers a breakdown recovery service for Motability Scheme customers who use a powered wheelchair or scooter. The new app allows Motability Assist to pinpoint an individual’s exact breakdown location and reach them as quickly as possible, even if the person is unsure of where they are.

Particularly helpful in unfamiliar areas or areas without any distinguishable landmarks, the app works by sending a person’s location to Motability Assist so individuals can be found quickly and easily.

Kim Robinson, Project Manager at Motability Assist, commented: “Our team is delighted to launch this new app exclusively for Motability Scheme powered wheelchair and scooter users.

“With the introduction of the new app, available for any smartphone, our team will be able to obtain your exact location at the click of a button.

“It’s quick and accurate, taking the stress out of your breakdown.”

The app must be downloaded before breaking down, so Motability Assist recommends downloading the app prior to a breakdown by searching for ‘Motability Recovery’ on the App Store or Play Store.

In the case of a breakdown, people need to click the ‘Rescue me’ button which will generate a text message with the coordinates of their location and then press send.

The app is available exclusively for customers who lease a scooter and powered wheelchair through the Motability Scheme and use the all-inclusive leasing package. It is not available to Car Scheme customers or people who privately own a scooter or powered wheelchair.

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