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Etac R82 has hosted its first Seating Assessment Training (SATs) course for paediatric occupational therapists and physiotherapists to further their knowledge of seating principles and problem solving solutions.

SAT is a new, free training course to further paediatric OTs’ and physiotherapists’ knowledge of seating principles and problem solving solutions. It offers the opportunity for collaboration between therapists and equipment providers so that individual therapy needs can be met, says the company.

The programme was hosted by respected professionals Joanne McConnell, OT, Clinical Manager and Mobility and Pressure Care Specialist at Etac R82, and Helena Poulton, a highly specialist OT.

According to Etac R82, the first session was fully attended and delivered an engaging and rewarding educational experience for all attendees.

The course also received the following feedback:

“Thank you so much – great teaching and examples from practice. Appreciate the resources and the value placed on EBP, also appreciate that the course is not a sales pitch. Impressed by how excited and passionate Etac R82 are in regards to training.” – Llinos Aphywel, OT

“Really beneficial course. Good selection of topics, I wish I had been on this training earlier. I will definitely recommend to colleagues. It has hopefully given me more confidence and looking forward to implementing in practice.” – Attending OT

The next SAT event will be held on 13th September between 9:30–16:00 at Unit D4A, Coombswood Business Park East in Halesowen, West Midlands.

R82 UK Ltd is an Etac Group company supplying an extensive range of assistive products for both disabled children and adults including wheelchairs, buggies, standing, walking, toileting and bathing aids as well as manual and mechanical transfer aids.

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