Gainsborough Healthcare Group launches G360 Specialist Bathroom Services image
Senior members of the Gainsborough Healthcare Group celebrate the launch of G360 Specialist Bathroom Solutions

Gainsborough Bathroom Specialists – formerly known as Gainsborough Specialist Bathing – has launched a new 360-bathroom solution service called G360, handling the design, installation and management of specialist bathrooms and wet rooms for healthcare providers.

Covering all aspects of specialist bathroom implementation, from concept to completion and maintenance, the manufacturer of power-assisted and walk-in baths says its G360 Specialist Bathroom Solutions offers healthcare providers cost-savings and commercial benefits.

Peter Eckhardt, CEO of Gainsborough Health Group, commented: “G360 is a game-changer within long-term care. Care home and hospital procurement now have a single source for infinite accessible bathroom and wet room possibilities.

“ROI from capital expenditure will increase significantly through multiple cost savings and added efficiencies – as we can be trusted to implement complete projects without distraction and performance compromise. Our specialisms reduce risk and allow providers to continue focusing on their core business.”

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Dedicated Gainsborough account managers will work with care homes’, hospitals’ and rehabilitation units’ internal team to deliver seamless implementation says the company, emphasising its 30 years’ experience in long-term care enables it to provide a trustworthy and efficient service.

“Ultimately, G360 delivers sustainable care excellence through performance leading products and services,” added Peter.

The company underlined six key areas of support the G360 covers, consisting of its power-assist baths; accessible bathrooms and wet rooms; transfer, toileting and washing equipment; project design and technical support; enablement pre-works, installations and project management; and servicing, maintenance and testing.

Peter finished: “Our pioneering partnerships will open up a world of strategic benefits assisting with CQC scores and ensuring healthcare facilities are future-proofed against forthcoming care challenges.”

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