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Lee Ridley

Lee Ridley, the winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2018, has shared his pride in representing the disabled community in front of the whole nation.

Also known as ‘The Lost Voice Guy,’ Lee was recently crowned the winner of this year’s Britain’s Got Talent, saying that the most satisfying part following his TV appearance was the response he has received from disabled people he’s inspired.

The 37-year-old, whose cerebral palsy affects his ability to speak, is the first comedian to ever win the show. Millions of viewers voted him as winner of the annual nationwide talent show, meaning he will have the opportunity to perform in front of the Queen at the Royal Variety Performance in November.

In an interview with Blackwood, a housing and care provider in Scotland, Lee described his passion for performing and the inspiration behind his act.

Lee said: “It’s been a pretty crazy time since the programme was shown. I’m drowning in phone notifications from people telling me how much they enjoy my sets, which is a nice feeling.

“The positive reaction has been breath-taking and I never expected to make such an impact.”

Lee came across the world of stand-up comedy by accident when he decided to “experiment” and put his flair for comedy to the test.

The comedian puts a lot of thought and planning into his gigs, occasionally having to rewrite material to ensure a smooth delivery of jokes through his speech machine.

Lee added: “I have had nothing but positive reactions from the disabled community, I think they appreciate someone who can take the mick out of themselves more than most, because they know how it feels.

“So, I think they quite like seeing someone with a similar viewpoint to them.”

Blackwood aims to improve the quality of life for those living with disabilities, which the charity feels resonates with Lee’s inspirational story.

Max Brown, Chair of Blackwood, said: “Lee is a truly inspirational character and represents everything Blackwood believe in.

“He demonstrates that a disability should never be able to hold anyone back and will hopefully encourage others to try things they didn’t think were possible.

“At Blackwood, we are passionate about and driven by providing opportunities and helping disabled people living their lives to the full.”

Founded in 1972, Blackwood aims to provide high-quality housing, care and support for disabled people and has over 1,500 homes across Scotland.

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