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Craig Ward, Therapsoture Trusted Assessor for Northern England, North Wales and Scotland

Theraposture, a specialist in adjustable beds, chairs and care cots, has appointed Craig Ward as its new Trusted Assessor for Northern England, North Wales and Scotland.

Before joining Theraposture, Craig was a key representative at Leckey for 21 years with multiple responsibilities including client assessment, product life-time support and corporate education.

Craig first developed a passion for assisting children and adults with disabilities whilst completing his Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award. He gained memorable experiences volunteering within the long-term care sector and at special schools.

Craig’s time at the John Jamieson School in Leeds, one of the largest inclusive learning centres in the UK, inspired him to seek a career in the mobility and healthcare market.

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Now with vast knowledge particularly in paediatrics and postural support, Craig joins Theraposture to strengthen its specialist services and enhance value to customers.

On joining Theraposture, Craig said: “I decided to join Theraposture as the business has an outstanding reputation for quality products and services.

“Before submitting my application, I spent time talking to people in the industry about the company including visits to Disabled Living Centres. Every professional I spoke to offered a glowing account of its ethical service provision, especially its client-centred approach. This reaffirmed my personal opinion and led to my application.

“Since joining I have already set myself personal objectives to expand my knowledge of conditions, especially Parkinson’s, so I can deliver a higher level of understanding and compassion.”

He added: “In terms of professional relationships, I have spent most of my career working closely with NHS Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists so understand the challenges they face in terms of time and budget.

“My Theraposture region is where I have operated over the last 20 years so can fully appreciate both local and national issues.”

Theraposture's Craig Ward image

Outside of his busy working week Craig lives near Selby in North Yorkshire and is married with two children. He is a retried rugby league player who now enjoys time supporting his children as they develop in football and show jumping.

Liam Braddell, Theraposture Sales Director, concluded: “We are delighted such a talented and knowledgeable individual as Craig has joined Theraposture. His approach and beliefs perfectly resonate with our values – 100% focused on maximising positive outcomes through a clear understanding of client needs.”

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