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Practitioners involved in the housing adaptations process are being empowered to ease at least one pain point with two analysis documents written by occupational therapists.

Available for free download, ‘Occupational Analysis: Activity Analysis of Toileting’ and ‘Single Handed Care: Toilet Guidance’ have both been written by occupational therapists, commissioned by Closomat. Both guides facilitate the assessment process to enable appropriate selection of assistive toileting technology as part of a home adaptation.

Robin Tuffley, Closomat Marketing Manager, said: “There are moves, particularly in Scotland as part of the Scottish Government’s Adapting for Change (AfC) programme, to ensure housing adaptations practitioners have the skills they need to help people make informed decisions.

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“It’s about preventing crisis by anticipating housing needs. Using the toilet is one of the five key activities of daily living (ADLs) used to asses a person’s need for care intervention, yet is too often overlooked because people are inherently reticent to discuss their inability to use the WC, wipe themselves effectively etc.”

The guidance documents provide, in an easy to follow format, key considerations to apply to determine someone’s need for toilet assistance. They can be downloaded here

Closomat is unique in its offering to housing adaptation practitioners as it offers the only complete management service for its Asana wash & dry toilet, which was launched last year. This means Closomat manufactures, supplies, installs, commissions and services the Asana to ensure a hassle-free installation process, which, in turn, helps reduce delays in housing adaptations.

Additionally, the company’s latest offering – the Palma Life – provides a unique package, whereby the wash & dry toilet, and service for a total 10 years, is available as a total purchase price, and therefore fully covered under the Disabled Facilities Grant.

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